Armageddon Gear specializes in some amazing gear for carbines, precision rifles and AKs. The manufacturer’s new Suppressor Mirage Cover might be one of its best products yet.

The heat from a suppressor can come into view when a shooter is trying to focus on a particular target, creating what is known as “suppressor mirage” — this is when the new cover from Armageddon Gear comes in.

The Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Cover significantly reduces and delays the effects of suppressor mirage on the rifleman’s ability to identify and engage his target.

With a highly-secure design, the Suppressor Mirage Cover stays in place during vigorous movement, yet can be adjusted or removed in seconds.

The cover is rated for use on bolt-action and semi-automatic precision rifles. It is not for use on fully automatic weapons.

The Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Cover’s design ensures no contact areas between the nylon shell and the hot suppressor, while an adjustable shock cord ensures custom fit and retention.

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The Suppressor Mirage Cover is available in 

The Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Cover is currently available for $69.95.

For more information on the Suppressor Mirage Cover and other products from Armageddon Gear, please visit

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