Armour Wear, as the company’s name would suggest, is about keeping those on the front line safe in every situation.

Armour Wear recently released its newest revolutionary protection item: The Special Purpose/Application Releasable Carrier (SPARC).

The SPARC plate carrier is a fully adjustable and releasable, hard use carrier that will accommodate standard 10×12-inch hard plates, along with soft armor liners.

The unique plate carrier uses a proprietary Quick Release Buckle (QRB) system, which allows the user to doff the carrier in less than one second. This is essential for users in maritime operations, or in the field that have been injured and require immediate emergency attention.

Armour Wear’s SPARC comes apart into two separate pieces when the QRB latch is activated, when you are ready to put the carrier together just snap the buckles into each other.

The SPARC was created in cooperation with the U.S. military and their recent directive for a new weight distribution plate carrier system. The plate carrier’s intended purpose was perfect balance and weight distribution for the ground operator.

The system has three main components: the spinal support brace, battle belt system and plate carrier.

The battle belt and support brace are still under development, but the carrier is ready to go. Armour Wear saw the need to bring this product out first. With the addition of the QRB, an operator can click the buckles back together in a snap, and have a working carrier in seconds.

Armour Wear also saw the opportunity to delete the use of any Velcro on the main access points of the carrier, instead the QRB doubles as the carriers retention buckles.

Armour Wear has the SPARC rated at a $295.95 MSRP.

For more information about the SPARC and other products from Armour Wear, please visit

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