New for 2015, Ashbury Precision Ordnance’s (APO) has released the SABER bolt action receivers for short to very long action cartridges.

APO’s precision crafted line of CNC produced bolt action receivers are manufactured from 416R stainless steel and takes advantage of unique octagonal geometry to increase rigidity, reduce vibration and increase strength with larger body diameters. These four bolt action receivers, built in right and left hand versions, have well-defined chines that are visually appealing in short, long, extra-long and very long models.

All SABER bolt action receivers are purpose built to maximize surface contact with Ashbury’s newest “A” series interlocking SABER-FORSST Modular Rifle Chassis Systems (MRCS) requiring absolutely no bedding, yet can be bedded in traditional wood or composite rifle stocks.

SABER receivers OD to ID concentricity are precisely CNC machined to the true centerline of the bore with perfectly flat mounting surfaces.  SABER bolt faces, lugs, internal lug abutments, barrel tenon and receiver faces are also precision machined perpendicular to the center line of the bore.

The receiver bolt raceway is wire EDM cut for smooth bolt operation and consistent shot-to-shot rifle accuracy.  These bolt receivers feature dual recoil pins that top center mount a removable receiver aluminum 20 MOA rail or a patented 30/40MOA (depending on model) one-piece monolithic Picatinny rail attached using aviation grade #8-40 anti-vibration fasteners.

SABER bolt action receivers use several popular single and two stage M700 style triggers pinned directly into the precision cut trigger slot. The receivers will also be packaged with the new T7T adjustable two stage trigger developed by David Tubb.

Ashbury actions are engineered to accommodate both five-round and 10-round magazines depending on the model and are finished with a durable black Mil Spec coating. The one-piece bolt is black Nitrided to provide years of smooth, reliable operation.

For more information on SABER actions, APO Custom Shop Services, tactical pistol packages, precision rifles and long range Riflesports accessories, please visit

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