Armament Systems and Procedures AutoKey

The following is a release from Armament Systems and Procedures:

Traditional handcuff keys are short and often difficult to use. Extended keys are hard to carry. The double lock pin and pawl release can catch on equipment and snag on clothing. Armament Systems and Procedures continues its tradition of innovation by introducing the AutoKey.

This new folding key solves the problems of traditional handcuff keys.

In the open position, the AutoKey is easy to use. When folded, there are no protruding pins or projecting openers. The AutoKey can be hung on a traditional keychain or carried in a pocket. The design is ergonomic and smooth.

The handcuff key is released by depressing the ASP Strike Force logo button. A double lock pin is exposed by pushing the double lock slide forward.

The AutoKey incorporates the ASP BackSet feature that allows an officer to rapidly locate the keyway, even in the dark. By running the tip back and forth over the surface of the cuff, the protruding shaft will fall into the keyhole. The key is rotated until it drops into the keyway of the handcuff.

Each AutoKey is fashioned from precision machined, heat treated stainless steel.

The AutoKey has an MSRP of $15 and is now shipping.

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