The ATN MO4-1 is so packed with features that it is unsurpassable by competitors in the same field. With high-quality Image Intensifier Tubes and fast lenses, the ATN MO4-1 Night Vision Scope has very high-brightness output. Not only does it have unbelievable light amplification, it also provides superior clarity and high magnification.

The ATN MO4-1 comes standard with our cutting edge “Smart” technology. This technology consists of a computerized proximity sensor, digital controls and a long-range Infrared illuminator. The proximity sensor will automatically turn the unit on and off when it is brought to the viewing position. This helps save your battery life and the life of unit itself. The digital controls allow you to activate or deactivate all of the features of the ATN MO4-1 Monocular with an easy push of a button. We also built a powerful Infrared Illuminator into the Scope. This allows you to see even in total darkness with outstanding clarity. Visit for more information.

* Outfitted with ATN exclusive “Smart” features
* Available in 1st, 2nd+, 3rd and 4th Generation
* Automatic on/off proximity sensor
* 3x Multi-Coated, all-glass optics (1st Gen.)
* 5x Multi-Coated, all-glass optics (2-4 Gen.)
* Long-Range Infrared Illuminator
* Reversible hand strap for left or right hand usage
* Water and for resistant
* Limited Two-Year Warranty
* Perfect for catalog and online retailers
* 1 image, line item 4 generations

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The ATN MO4-1 is so packed with features that it is unsurpassable by competitors…