The ATN Night Storm 1 Yellow is the latest in technology and the newest addition to the ATN line of Night Vision products. The Night Storm monocular is a rugged, lightweight, waterproof Night Vision device, which provides superior optical calibration at the economical cost of $279.00 for the Gen1 version. By combining a 6-element, F1.2 50mm, heavy-coated glass lens with the ability to be submersed under water, ATN also was able to include a number of other options to make this unit even more superior. The sleek body, with contoured finger rests, houses a powerful high-resolution first generation Intensifier Tube which allows a 35,000 max light amplification. Once you are in complete darkness where no ambient light is to be found, you can take advantage of ATN’s built-in Total Darkness Technology which our Infrared illuminator provides. The unit also has an optional camera adapter, which will allow you to turn a regular household camera into a Night Vision camera.

The unit’s diopter adjustment of +/- 5 and 1′ to infinity range of focus will allow you to focus in on any object in range. If that’s not enough, the unbelievable 40 lp/mm makes the ATN Night Storm 1 Yellow one of the most accurate imaging devices on the market.

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The ATN Night Storm 1 Yellow is the latest in technology and the newest…