The use of Lasers can often de-escalate attack situations and increase your accuracy by over 400% in low light, moving target situations compared to standard sights. The AUTO-LASER® is an automatically activated laser that turns on upon withdrawal from the holster. The AUTO-LASER® unit has a rocker style switch located at the tip of your index finger to turn the laser on or off and can also be used in a manual activation mode.

The patent pending AUTO-LASER® is designed for personal protection, police, tactical shooting and anywhere a laser sight can be used.

INSTANT ACTIVATION: When used with the supplied holster the AUTO-LASER is instantly on upon withdraw. It is activated by a small magnet attached to the outside of the holster. The magnetic field disconnects the power supply to the laser unit when in the holstered position. Upon withdraw from the magnetic field the switch returns to the on position and the laser comes on automatically.

MANUAL SHUT OFF SWITCH: There is a manual shut off switch just in front of the trigger guard. The switch is located for easy access by the index finger to override and turn off the laser unit. It is available in left or right options.

Target engagement speed is dramatically increased by your eyes ability to pick up on the laser dot immediately.

PROVEN DETERRENT: Laser sight are proven to be an intimidating deterrent that can de-esculate and possibly eliminate to shoot. If you have to fire you know exactly where the hit is going to be.

ACCURACY & TRAINING: Pinpoint repeatable accuracy. The AUTO-LASER has adjustable windage & elevation. Dry fire practice will with the use of a laser will improve trigger control. You are able to see & verify the flinching or movement of the gun by watching the laser dot. With practice your shot groups will be improved.

EASY INSTALLATION: Installation varies between different models. The standard military Picatiny rail found on Glock’s and most weapons today simply slides & clicks in place. Other models use a small allen screw and a removable side plate. Once in place the unit is snug and will not move out of place.

COMPACT DESIGN: The AUTO-LASER is CNC machined from Delrin plastic. It has a smooth sleek contoured finish that enhances the appearance of your weapon.


Wavelength: 650 nm 5.0 nm output.
Battery Type: SR754W (393) Silver Oxide Watch type batteries.
Battery Life: 2 to 4 hours constant on, 10 to 50 hours on/off use. Replace every year.
Operating Temperature: 15 – 125 degrees Fahrenheit.
Laser Dot: The dot size is approximatly .375″ at 20 ‘, .875″ at 75’.
Water Resistant: The laser unit and components are potted (sealed) for superior water resistance.
Laser Life: The laser unit is rubber isolated by 4 neoprene O-rings to reduce shock to the unit. This shock reduction increases the overall life of components. Laser unit life is approximately 2,000 hours.
Windage Screws: Auto-Laser uses a double opposing screw system. The use of this style of adjustment assures that the laser alignment will remain intact for thousands of rounds.
Housing Material: The Auto-Laser is CNC machined from a block of Delrin plastic. This plastic is extremely strong and durable. This finish blends perfectly to most polymer frames.
Laser Size: The standard laser unit is 1.13″ wide, .965″ tall, & 1.99″ long, to maintain a small profile.
Accuracy: Once mounted and adjusted the AUTO-LASER will maintain increadable pinpoint accuracy.
Manual Operation: A rocker style switch that is placed at the tip of your index finger is for turning the unit
on and off manualy. The automatic function only works while it is in the holster.
Automatic Function: The automatic on/off function is controled by a special magnetic switch.

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The use of Lasers can often de-escalate attack situations and increase your accuracy by…