The firearms industry is stacked with unique accessories, and this certainly qualifies. A company called AutoGlove USA out of McLean, Va. has released a new glove of the same name that allows the user to experience simulated fully-automatic rates of fire with semi-auto pistols, rifles and shotguns without modifying or attaching anything to the weapon.

Basically, the AutoGlove looks like a regular glove, but attached to it is a “Trigger Assist Device” that, when activated, manipulates the trigger for you in four different configurations: single shot, double tap, 3-round burst and mag dump. The company says the glove is capable of achieving a firing rate of up to 600-1000 rounds per minute.

Available in various colors, in either a synthetic or leather glove and in a tactical or sporting configuration, the new AutoGlove requires a minimum space inside the trigger guard of 3/4 inches by 3/4 inches, with a requisite trigger pull weight of 3.5 pounds.

If you’re asking yourself how this is legal, here’s what the company says in its FAQ section:

All existing products on the market today “attach” something to the firearm. The AutoGlove does not attach anything to the firearm. Everything in the AutoGlove is self contained in and on the glove. Once the ATF said a drill motor was outlawed when attached to the gun. Again, nothing is attached to the gun.

The ATF previously stated that a motor attached to the gun with a switch, when activated, began a firing sequence until the shooter let up on the switch. The switch in effect became the trigger and was outlawed. The AutoGlove on the other hand can be activated and deactivated when inside the trigger guard without firing the gun. The beauty of the AutoGlove is that the shooter still must make micro trigger activation’s with their finger by taking up the slack of the trigger with the Trigger Assist Device (TAD) and then once the slack is taken up, the TAD can assist with firing the gun. The shooter can either remove their finger from the gun to stop firing or release the TAD button. So a physical input of the trigger finger is always required unlike previous products that attempted to do what we are doing.

Bottom line, nothing on the gun is changed, unless you lighten the trigger for faster performance, but that’s perfectly legal. And nothing is attached to the gun. The glove is used to assist the shooter in firing the semi-auto gun at a faster rate and a single trigger pull will only fire one round down range. And with the AutoGlove activated, with the switch depressed, nothing happens unless the shooter pulls the trigger with their finger and when the shooter lets up pressure on the trigger, the firing stops, even with the AutoGlove activated.

The AutoGlove is available for pre-order now, with the first shipment expected to be sent out between Sept. 1 and Oct. 1. The price is $299.

For more info, check out Watch a video hyping the AutoGlove below.

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