Barnes Bullets introduced the all-copper X Bullet for hunters in 1989, and has since built on that technology to offer a wide range of hunting projectiles for rifles, handguns and muzzleloaders. Among the rifle bullet lines are the all-copper Triple Shock and Tipped Triple-Shock X Bullets, the tungsten-core MRX Bullet and the machined brass Solid and lead-core Original projectiles. For handguns, the company produces the XPB all-copper handgun bullets as well as four different bullets for muzzleloaders. In 2009, Barnes introduced four new lines of military/law enforcement bullets as well: the TAC-XP tactical pistol bullets, TAC-LR (long-range) .50 projectiles, and the all-copper TAC-X and frangible RRLP (Reduced Ricochet Limited Penetration) bullets.

TAC-X Bullet
The TAC-X is an all-copper bullet that provides excellent penetration, controlled two caliber expansion and weight retention superior to lead-core bullets. They are designed to track straighter after penetrating barriers and show greatly reduced deflection through glass obstacles. Accuracy is outstanding as the solid copper bullets are extremely uniform and eliminate concerns over internal voids, jacket eccentricities, core/jacket separation and so forth. TAC-X bullets are made in .224, 6.8 mm, .308, .310 and .50.

barnesRRLP Bullet
Barnes’ RRLP bullets have a unique copper/tin powdered metal core surrounded in a rugged gilding metal jacket. This construction can maintain bullet integrity at high velocities and spin rates. Unlike frangible bullets lacking a jacket, the RRLP remains intact through the rigors of cycling in semi- and full-auto firearms. When they hit a hard surface, such as steel or concrete, they disintegrate harmlessly.

With their lead-free construction and frangible design, RRLP bullets are ideal for training in indoor range facilities, and in the field, RRLP projectiles present less danger to innocent bystanders in the event of a ricochet. They are also superb for home defense purposes, where penetration through walls, floor and ceilings is a great concern. RRLP bullets are available in .224, .308 and .310. For more information, contact Barnes Bullets, 800-574-9200,

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