Barnes Bullets RangeAR Ammunition
Barnes' Unveils New RangeAR Ammunition

Those who want the best ammo for their AR shouldn’t look farther than Barnes Bullets’ all new RangeAR Ammunition for target, training and competition.

Barnes RangeAR Ammunition delivers higher velocity, flatter trajectory and ultimate accuracy at an affordable price.

First quality factory-fresh brass is paired with a lead-free, copper-jacketed, zinc core OTFB (Open Tip Flat Base) projectile. The robust zinc core provides excellent performance in AR’s with quick twist barrels.

Specialized propellants optimized for ARs ensure that RangeAR Ammunition offers superior performance in these high performance platforms of any barrel length.

Priced right for high volume practice and training, the RangeAR line will initially be offered in 5.56 X 45MM 52 grain OTFB and 300 AAC Blackout 90 grain OTFB loads. Availability begins in February of 2015.

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