Barnes Bullets VOR-TX EURO hunting ammo

Barnes Bullets is constantly looking for ways to enhance its ammunition’s performance. There is always a specific shooter in mind — whether it be precision shooters, America’s military elite and top-tier law enforcement officer — when Barnes designs a new round.

New for 2016, the company has introduced its VOR-TX EURO Ammunition, made for the discriminating hunter in the European market.

VOR-TX EURO is precision loaded with the venerable Barnes all-copper, lead-free bullets and conforms to CIP pressure standards. This ensures safe operation and maximum ballistic potential, while offering European hunters the best accuracy and terminal performance, surpassing lead-core bullets on both thin-skinned and heavy game.

Barnes Bullets’ VOR-TX EURO line will available in the following cartridges and bullet weights:

  • 7 x 64 Brenneke 140 grain TTSX
  • 8 x 57 JS 160 grain TTSX
  • 3 x 62mm 250 grain TTSX
  • 30-06 SPRG 150 grain TTSX
  • 30-06 SPRG 168 grain TTSX
  • 30-06 SPRG 180 grain TTSX
  • 308 WIN 130 grain TTSX
  • 308 WIN 150 grain TTSX
  • 308 WIN 168 grain TTSX

For more information on the VOR-TX EURO line and other products from Barnes Bullets, please visit

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