The following is a release from Fenix Law Enforcement Training Systems LLC:

Charlotte-based Fenix Law Enforcement Training Systems LLC is proud to announce that it is making its BarrelBlok™ firearms safety and training device available for consumer and retail sales beginning November 16, 2015. BarrelBlok™ was initially developed exclusively for use in the Law Enforcement D.R.A.W. School Firearms Training™ program. However, after many requests from law enforcement officers, instructors, consumers and retailers, Fenix decided to make this valuable training and safety tool available to everyone. “The BarrelBlok™ safety and training device needs to be in the hands of every responsible gun owner to make their training safer and more realistic,” says Fenix Vice President Alyssa Mahal.

During the development of the D.R.A.W. School curriculum, Fenix realized it needed a device to serve multiple training and safety purposes. Unable to find a product that met all of those needs, Fenix designed one with specific criteria. First, the device must absolutely prevent a firearm from chambering a round. Second, the device would have to serve as a visual indicator to an instructor or user that the firearm was safe. Third, the device would have to maintain the mechanical functionality of the pistol’s slide. Fourth, the device would have to also serve as a tool to train users on the proper draw height from the holster. Fifth, the use of the device would NOT require any disassembly of the firearm. Finally, the device has to be truly universal, working in any firearm of a specific caliber. What Fenix developed was named BarrelBlok™.

BarrelBlok™ has changed the way instructors teach and how students train. The increased level of safety gives instructors more freedom to observe their students from different angles, increasing their ability to instruct more efficiently. “We know that the firearm is 100% safe with the BarrelBlok™ inserted and it gives us the confidence to work with officers in ways we never could before; especially in scenario-based and active-shooter training. The additional angles of observation helps us to fine-tune each officer’s mechanics and technique,” says D.R.A.W. School President and Chief Instructor Jason Speller. “BarrelBlok™ has changed the way we train officers and the results have been impressive,” he states. “Students are simply able to train to, and master, a higher level of performance, both on and off the range.”

The overall safety, speed and convenience of not having to disassemble the firearm to use BarrelBlok™ makes it the perfect tool for any training scenario. “BarrelBlok allows officers to go from a completely safe firearm in a training environment to a fully duty-ready firearm Fenix Law Enforcement Training Systems P.O. Box 38464 Charlotte, NC 28278 Ÿ 704-935-4433 Ÿ PRESS RELEASE- Continued in just a few seconds. This gives them the ability to train anytime, anywhere,” Speller continues. “Safety has always been the primary goal of this device. A training lieutenant shared with us at a recent training course that one of their officers suffered a negligent discharge while training for the new North Carolina law enforcement firearms qualification. Fortunately, no one was hurt in that incident. However, the use of the BarrelBlok™ device would have prevented such an occurrence from ever happening.”

“It is situations like this (above) that influenced our decision to bring this product to the consumer market. With the overall safety and convenience that BarrelBlok™ provides, we decided to make it available to everyone. Many hours of thought went into this decision and we know is it is the right one. We are excited about this move and look forward to the positive feedback on how effective it is, and how it has improved the level of firearms training nationwide,” says Mahal.

BarrelBlok™ is currently available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. In mid-December, the .357 Sig will be available. In the first quarter of 2016, BarrelBlok™ will also be available in rifle versions for .223/5.56 and 7.62 and will fit barrels up to 20 inches in length. The rifle versions, which recently completed the development and testing phase, will work in the same manner as the pistol versions.

Fenix has other products slated for release in 2016 that will continue to revolutionize the safety and realism of firearms training. Fenix has launched a new subsidiary, Blok Safety Systems LLC, to handle all of its consumer and retails sales, along with the website for online sales, which will begin on Monday, November 16, 2015. From November 16-30, 2015, Fenix will send a free BarrelBlok™ to various consumer groups, firearms associations, media/publishing outlets and retailers to test BarrelBlok™ in their product reviews for their reader base and members. To request a BarrelBlok™ for testing please contact Vice President Alyssa Mahal at 704-935-4433 Ext. 802.

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