Bravo Company Manufacturing KMR-A Handguards lead
Bravo Company’s KMR-A handguards are completely made of aluminum for the best balance of strength and light weight. Note the T-marked top rail and numerous KeyMod slots for accessories.

Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) has long been a leader in the AR market. The company’s rifles are some of the most trusted and tested in the industry. They’re simple, rugged and reliable while being lightweight.

More recently, BCM began offering its lightweight KeyMod Rail (KMR) handguards, which feature a strong attachment system, a long Picatinny top rail and plenty of KeyMod slots along the sides and bottom for accessories. The company’s latest version, the KMR-Alpha (KMR-A), takes this design to a whole new level.

Key To Success

With BCM’s patented barrel nut and mounting system, the modular, free-floating KMR-A handguard weighs in at 8.2 ounces, including all of the installation hardware. It’s completely made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

The patented attachment system uses self-locking crossbolts that equally distribute force around the surface of the rail. This mitigates any forward/backward movement during firing while properly aligning the top rail. The KeyMod slots along the sides and bottom make it easy to attach accessories. Designed for modern shooting techniques, the KMR-A is slim and easy to grasp, providing excellent recoil control and easy handling between multiple targets.

BCM offers its KMR-A handguards in 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-, 13- and 15-inch lengths. Each KMR-A rail includes a BCM KeyMod QD Sling Mount and the necessary mounting hardware. Installation is simple using the supplied barrel nut wrench.

Remove your old handguard, including the barrel nut. Install the barrel, then the barrel nut and tighten it. Insert the top rail anti-rotation piece and slide the top rail into place. Insert the crossbolts and tighten them to the proper specifications. Everything fits tightly yet is easily installed. When you’re done, you’ll have a free-floating barrel for enhanced accuracy, a long top rail for sights and optics, and plenty of KeyMod slots for mission-critical accessories.

Hands-On Testing

I recently tested a BCM RECCE-16 rifle with the new KMR-A handguard. The KMR-A, with a hand stop installed on the bottom, allowed for fast and accurate transitions between targets while offering solid recoil control. After years deploying a large quad-rail handguard, the slim profile of the KMR-A was pleasant and practical. I could easily put my support hand on top of the rail for a thumbs-forward grip to eliminate muzzle rise. Also, the 15-inch length of the KMR-A made it easy to add a SureFire Scout light, and it worked well on barricades and other shooting structures.

While the numerous KeyMod slots offer plenty of space for accessories, leaving them vacant provides for excellent barrel heat dissipation. Without any accessories installed, the KMR-A is very smooth for use with bare hands. Of course, BCM has also begun offering KeyMod Rail Panels with non-reflective, non-slip surfaces for a secure grip. In the end,the KMR-A handguard is easily one of the most comfortable rails I’ve ever tested.

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