Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) continues to add to their line of BCMGunfighter accessories with the release of the new KeyMod Quick Detachable Sling Mount.

This low-profile, lightweight, all-steel sling mount essentially consists of a mounting plate and two screws. It fits all standard KeyMod mounting holes and can be installed using a Torx wrench. The end user simply loosens the two screws in a counter clockwise fashion before dropping in the assembly and sliding forward into the desired mounting position of the rail system. For long-term mounting, BCM recommends using blue Loctite on the mounting screw thread.

The manufacturer suggested retail price for the BCMGunfighter KeyMod Quick Detachable Sling Mount is $17.95. See below for more information.

Features: KeyMod Quick Detachable Sling Mount

  • Low-Profile for increased mobility and decreased “snag” factor
  • Fits standardized KeyMod interface mounting holes
  • Fits standard push button, quick detach sling swivel (not included)
  • 8-position (360°), non-rotational locking interface
  • Requires three KeyMod attachment hole mounting points
  • All steel construction

Installation Instructions

  • Locate the forward position of the mount, indicated by the arrow marking, located underneath the sling mount, arrow towards the muzzle.
  • With supplied Torx wrench, loosen (counter clockwise) the two mounting screws enough so the assembly can drop in and slide forward into the desired mounting position of the rail system.
  • Tighten screws (clockwise) until firmly secured (30 in-lbs).
  • For better long term secured mounting, use blue thread locking compound on mounting screw thread only.

For more information about the KeyMod­­ Quick Detachable Sling Mount and the full range of products currently offered by Bravo Company Manufacturing, please visit

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