South Dakota-based gear maker Best Damn Gun has announced the release of its BDG Modular Chassis for Remington 700 Short Action rifles.

Building on the success of the Remington 700 Long Action Chassis released at SHOT Show earlier this year, Best Damn Gun’s new 700 short action offering—available in smooth and lightened versions—offers the same level of versatility for custom rifles as its predecessor. Unlike other chassis, its modular design allows for the use of popular handguards.

In the press release, Best Damn Gun touts bolt-actions as being the “benchmark” for long-range accuracy, while AR-15s offer versatility in terms of accessories, comfort, fit and function. The BDG Modular Chassis brings the two together in a fully customizable rifle build in Remington 700 short and long actions.

“The possibilities are truly endless,” BDG’s marketing VP Sonya Wilt said. “The BDG Chassis Core is the perfect platform for all shooters. My husband has large hands, long arms and prefers the 700 Win Mag for 1000 yard plus shooting. I’m 5’4” tall, on a good day, and prefer a round with less kick like the 7mm-08, but I want character that reflects my personality. For our 11-year-old, the BDG chassis is accurate, lightweight, and adaptable, so it can grow with her. We have 4 kids with different interests and this chassis lets them build a rifle that fits them.”

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