NASGW optics Browe 4x32 Combat Optic gun
Browe 4x32 Combat Optic

Law enforcement and military personnel need the best weapons to get the job done and make it home safely at the end of their shift or deployment. But those weapons are rendered useless without the best sights or optics to hit what you’re aiming at. To this end, several manufacturers have come forward to offer state-of-the-art optics that strike the balance between clarity, power, size and effectiveness.

Here are some of the best rifle optics coming out this fall.


ATN BinoX-HD 4-16X

ATN has developed revolutionary high-powered day/night binoculars featuring the lightning-fast Obsidian core processor. The variable-powered binoculars give true 1080p sensor resolution with video output capability of 1080p/30fps or 720p/60 fps with Micro HDMI, Micro USB and SD ports. It takes three CR123 batteries and comes with Wi-Fi, E-compass and smooth-zoom operations.

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ATN X-Sight HD

ATN has developed a revolutionary day/night digital weapon sight that not only gives shooters 24-hour targeting capability but provides them with a great deal of data, including Wi-Fi capability, GPS capability, geo-tagging, an E-compass, the ability to capture HD video and images from the optic, record altitude and program intelligent shooting solutions to sway the odds heavily in the shooter’s favor when it comes time to pull the trigger. Powered by an HD 1080p ATN L130 sensor, the optic gives shooters a crisp 800×600-pixel image while maintaining the ability to produce 1080p video output. It hosts both HDMI and Micro USB outputs, uses four AA batteries and can store an SD card from 4 to 32 GB—all while serving as a fully functional 3-12X or 5-18X weapon sight.

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Browe 4×32 Combat Optic

The Browe Combat Optic (BCO) has a titanium housing, making it lighter, smaller and nearly three times stronger than aluminum optics in the same category. In addition to the titanium housing, the rugged optic, built for any military, law enforcement or sportsman scenario, comes with a host of innovative technological advantages to give its users an optical edge. Its Target Light Sensor technology uses a cadmium-sulfide photocell to overcome the inconsistency of ambient light, and users can control the optic with one button. The optic also has a BCO utility port for firmware upgrades or customization, a vibration motion sensor to minimize battery use and world-class optical construction for those moments when your optic can mean the difference between success or failure.

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DI Optical EG1

DI Optical’s new EG1 prism sight provides a parallax-free reticle for increased accuracy and rapid target acquisition. The shaded 30mm lens provides a wide, crystal-clear field of view. CNC-machined from a solid billet of aircraft-quality 6061-T6 aluminum, the compact EG1 is rugged and reliable. The rotary brightness switch can be conveniently operated with a gloved hand.

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DI Optical RV2

Based on extensive experience in heavy-duty machine gun optics, DI has unveiled a rugged a 32mm red-dot reflex sight for the AR rifle platform. The RV2 is an extreme-duty optic that exceeds MIL-STD 810G standards for waterproofing, shock resistance and exposure to extreme weather conditions. The 32mm objective lens provides exceptional clarity in low-light conditions as well as an extra-wide field of view. It’s offered with either a Picatinny rail mount or optional quick disconnect mount. Easy-access, waterproof buttons allow the operator to easily adjust brightness and shift from daytime to night-vision modes.

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Hawke Endurance 30 SF

NASGW optics Hawke Endurance 30 SF lead
Hawke Endurance 30 SF

Hawke Optics has unveiled a new series of 30mm precision scopes in its Endurance 30 Side Focus (SF) line. The Endurance 30 SF line comes with side-focus parallax adjustments, low-profile turrets, stepless rheostat control of illuminated reticles and two new reticles. The scopes come in two magnification ranges—4-16x50mm and 6-24x50mm—with the new LR Dot, 223/308 Marksman and mil-dot reticles. All Hawke Endurance 30 SF scopes have lenses that are fully multi-coated, waterproof, shockproof and fogproof.

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Rudolph Tactical T1 Series

South African manufacturer Rudolph Optics has thrown its tactical optics expertise onto the world stage with two world-class riflescopes designed to give costumers the best optical performance. The T1 Tactical Series riflescopes have a lifetime warranty, one-piece tube construction, rear-focal-plane reticles, multi-coated lenses with more than 95-percent light transmission, dioptric compensation, tactical target turrets, side-focus parallax adjustments, and waterproof, shockproof and fogproof construction. The T1 4-16x50mm and 6-24x50mm both have 30mm-diameter tubes with generous eye relief to accommodate the heavy recoil of large-caliber rifles.

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For more information, visit or call 585-948-8015.

Weaver 1-7x24mm Tactical

NASGW optics Weaver 1-7x24mm Tactical
Weaver 1-7x24mm Tactical

Weaver Optics has given tactical shooters the best of both worlds by creating the dual-focal-plane 1-7x24mm Tactical scope, which gives shooters the close-range, fast second-focal-plane illuminated dot with the medium- to long-range accuracy of the first-focal-plane mil-dot reticle for competition, target and tactical shooters who need one scope with two precise targeting options. The optic boasts a wide magnification range, a sturdy 34mm one-piece tube, 0.1-mil click adjustments for fine tuning, a glass-etched mil-dot ranging reticle, an extra battery compartment, true 1X magnification and magnification throw levers.

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Weaver 3X CompSTRIKE

NASGW optics Weaver 3X CompSTRIKE
Weaver 3X CompSTRIKE

Weaver has introduced an intermediate-range, 3X, illuminated-center-dot-reticle scope for tactical, competition, sporting and target shooters. The optic offers eight illumination levels for its etched-glass reticle and a comfortable 30mm objective for fast target acquisitions. It also has fast-focus diopter adjustment and integral mounts.

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Weaver 6-30x56mm Tactical

NASGW optics Weaver 6-30x56mm Tactical
Weaver 6-30x56mm Tactical

Weaver brings a 34mm tube to the tactical consumer with its 6-30x56mm Tactical riflescope. This variable-power optic gives shooters five times the magnification on a first-focal-plane illuminated IMDR reticle with side-focus parallax adjustment, SmartZero stops and argon-purged tubes for rock-solid reliability.

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Weaver T-Series XR

NASGW optics Weaver T-Series XR
Weaver T-Series XR

Weaver’s new fixed-power target scopes offer high-quality glass for serious shooters. The addition of side-focus parallax adjustment is a critical addition to shooters who win or lose on millimeters of difference. All of the T-Series XR scopes are argon-filled, come with a sunshade and have an improved Micro-Trac erector system. Several models are available.

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