Nearly 59,000 shooting, hunting, tactical and law-enforcement professionals from across the country gathered in Las Vegas for the 30th annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (Feb. 2-5, 2008) to inspect the latest and most innovative gear for their varied departments. The SHOT Show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, showcased a comprehensive array of shooting sights and riflescopes not only for hunters and shooters, but also for the growing number of police and military personnel charged with outfitting and equipping their tactical teams, officers or warfighters.

What follows are some of the most intriguing sights and riflescopes that caught’s eye!

Swarovski’s Ballistic Turret Delivers Precise Shots
The Ballistic Turret (BT) from Swarovski lets shooters personalize their scope by setting a zero distance plus three additional down-range distances. Once set up, simply turn the turret to the appropriate color-coded distance and hold the crosshair precisely where you want the bullet to hit. To get back to your zero setting, simply turn the turret back until it automatically stops at your pre-set zero setting.

The Ballistic Turret system is available on Swarovski’s 1-inch series scopes in the AV 4-12×50 and AV 6-18×50. For more information, visit

Nikon Expands Monarch Long-Range Riflescopes
The Monarch line of long-range riflescopes from Nikon now includes the 8-32x50ED SF and 4-16×50 SF models, which feature superb optics, four-time magnification zoom range, locking side-focus parallax adjustment and four inches of eye relief.

The 8-32×50 features Nikon’s advance ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass that eliminates chromatic aberrations and delivers great image clarity. Both models feature a big 50mm objective lens for optimum brightness in any light.

For more information, visit

Barska Launches Benchmark Series
Barska’s new Benchmark series of high-end riflescopes features a Mil-Dot reticle on the first focal plane so it tracks proportionally throughout the power ranges no matter what power setting the scope is on.

Benchmark scopes are available in a 40x50mm fixed-power; and 8-26x50mm, 5-20x50mm and 4-16x50mm variables. They’re waterproof and shockproof, and feature fully multi-coated optics for sharp, distortion-free views.

For more information, visit

Schmidt & Bender Adds 1-inch Tube Scope to Lineup
New from Schmidt & Bender is the 2.5-10x40mm riflescope, the company’s first scope with a 1-inch tube and a reticle in the second focal plane. Until now the company always built its riflescopes with 30mm tubes, so this scope brings the Schmidt & Bender reputation to those who prefer 1-inch scope rings.

By keeping the reticle in the second focal plane, the viewed reticle remains the same size no matter the magnification. The scope’s field of view at 100 yards ranges from 40.4 feet at 2.5X to 10.8 feet at 10X.

This scope is one of the lightest models S&B has ever produced. For more information, visit


Meprolight Offers Day/Night Illuminated Reflex Sight
The Mepro 21 Day/Night Illuminated Reflex Sight is always ready for action because it operates without batteries or switches. It’s ideal for quick shooting in urban areas, providing daytime confidence under low-light conditions as well as totally integrated day/night shooting.

The Mepro 21 also provides rapid target acquisition and a large field of view. For more information, visit


Nightforce Upgrades NXS Compact Riflescopes
The popular Nightforce 1-4×24 and 2.5-10×24 compact NXS riflescopes now include the company’s patented ZeroStop technology and windage limiter. Both models also include exposed turrets for rapid access and quick adjustments.

The versatility of the 2.5-10×24 model makes it a favorite of military and law-enforcement sharpshooters.

ZeroStop technology allows long-range shooters to instantly return to the zero setting, regardless of how much they adjusted for elevation. This eliminates counting rotations of the elevation turret and possibly straying from zero.

These streamlined, low-profile scopes can be mounted to virtually any rifle. For more information, contact

Zeiss Victory Diarange Combines Rangefinder, Ballistic Reticles
Victory Diarange riflescopes by Zeiss combine the Victory riflescope with a laser rangefinder and Rapid-Z Ballistic Reticles to provide optical brilliance and target reliability in one quickly synchronized unit to make sighting, measuring and aiming one process.

The Victory Diarange is available in the 2.5-10x50mm and 3-12x56mm models. The scopes weigh 31.75 ounces without batteries and are more compact than their predecessors.

Both riflescopes are available in a choice of four reticles, including the Rapid Z 600 and 800 models. For more information, visit


Trijicon Debuts 6×48 ACOG for Machine Guns
Trijicon expanded its line of Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights by developing the 6×48 ACOG specifically for machine guns. The company’s most powerful ACOG enhances target identification and increases accuracy on extended-range shots.

The 6×48 ACOG doesn’t require batteries and is powered by Trijicon’s patented fiber-optics and tritium-based technology. The reticle features a red or amber chevron aiming point, and uses a bullet-drop compensator for additional accuracy out to 800 meters.

The 6×48 ACOG also features a manual brightness adjustment override so users can shade the fiber optics during daylight. For more information, visit


Leapers Debuts AccuShot SWAT Compact Scopes
The new AccuShot SWAT compact scope from Leapers Inc. offers 3-12×44 magnification with a large SWAT side wheel to easily adjust the reticle’s illumination to red, green or black, depending on conditions. It also features a 30mm tube, angled objective hood, and Mil-Dot range-estimating reticle.

The AccuShot SWAT also provides fine parallax adjustments, zero-lock turrets to prevent accidental loss of zero, and quick realignments to zero. The scope has a multi-emerald lens coating, a 3-inch sun shade and flip-open lens caps.

For more information, visit

Millett Fine-Tunes 4-16X Tactical Rifle Scope
Millett improved its Mil-DotBar reticle on the TRS-1 riflescope to make it easy to range and figure Mils, thereby improving accuracy in demanding conditions.

Users employ the same math used for the standard Mil-Dot to make calculations. Millett also put a detent at 10X power to ease usage of the Mil-Dot, and added a thin line and dot in the reticle to help shooters accurately align for range-finding and hold-over.

The TRS-1 also features 1/8-MOA click adjustments for windage and elevation, a 30mm tube, large zoom-power ring for easy adjustments, and adjustable, illuminated green Mil-Dot crosshairs for low-light shooting.
For more information, visit

Sightron Debuts Long-Range Riflescope Series
Sightron introduces the SIIISS Long-Range series of riflescopes, which are designed for tactical and long-range use. Five new models are available for 2008, including the first 56mm illuminated dot reticle in Sightron’s line.
The new SIIISSLR line includes a 6-24×50 with a dot reticle, 6-24×50 with mil-dot reticle, 8-32×56 with dot reticle, 3.5-10×56 with a German 4a illuminated reticle, and a 3.5-10×44 with a mil-dot reticle.

These models feature a 30mm main tube with extra wall thickness, oversize target knobs that can be reset to zero, and a side focus parallax know that can focus the 8-32×56 model down to 40 yards and the 6-24×50 series down to 30 yards.

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