It was only natural that the most renowned private security company develop its own rifle. Two factors stand behind this statement. Service and support to the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, as well as other numerous hotspots, has given this organization a unique insight into what works in combat. Secondly, as a company composed of highly trained and experienced American law enforcement and military veterans, the men behind the new Blackwater AR stand as a testament to reliability and dependability. Blackwater’s reputation for adapting to a fluid battlefield can be found in the modularity seen on their BW15 AR.

blackwater2.gifThe BW15 was conceived from the Blackwater Armory. In 2006, a new team of armorers were assembled to build a firearms repair center to support Blackwater’s training and to modify Bushmaster carbines to satisfy the requirements of deployed contractors. This team included a retired US Navy special warfare armorer, a combat-decorated US Marine armory chief and a retired law enforcement armorer with experience as a deployed contract armorer. Led by a retired chief weapons warrant officer from the US Coast Guard, Blackwater invested in each by sending them to more than 20 factory armorer schools, certifying each in as many as 50 different weapon systems. With more than 3,000 firearms in use each week at Blackwater’s training center, these armorers gained incredible experience in what worked and what most commonly failed in the AR platform. These benefits are now available to the American consumer.

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It was only natural that the most renowned private security company develop its own…