BMW R 1200 RT-P Motorcycle
BMW Revamps R 1200 RT-P Motorcycle For 2015

BMW is well-known for its luxury automobiles, but the car manufacturer also produces quality motorcycles.

Among those motorcycles is a line designed specifically for police use, which includes the all new R 1200 RT-P.

The 2015 R 1200 RT-P is a completely new police motor development from BMW. The new RT-P gains the fabulous new boxer air / water-cooled engine producing 125 bhp and 92 lb/ft of torque.

The easily accessible self-energized multi-plate wet clutch has reduced lever pull with a wide “grey” area.

The new clutch system on the R 1200 RT-P can now be changed in about an hour, accessible from the front of the engine case, thereby minimizing periodic maintenance costs.

The new low-maintenance engine utilizes a single spark plug per cylinder, combined engine-gearbox lubrication, keeping operational costs to a minimum. New e-gas electronic throttle control provides precise throttle management, reduced throttle twist rotation to 70 degrees with no wear or adjustment needed due to electronic throttle actuator system.

BMW’s new emergency lighting system provides four times the forward intensity of the prior model, focused in the primary zone where motorists are most likely to left turn / pull-out in your path (pattern shows most intense area). Enclosed take-down lights and alley lights provide exceptional illumination plus an alternating wig-wag function to maximize visibility.

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