The BulletSafe Tactical Plate Carrier beefs up protection.

Body armor and plate carrier systems continue gaining popularity among civilians seeking enhanced protection. Of course, body armor constitutes essential gear for law enforcement and military professionals. For those looking to up their defenses, the BulletSafe Tactical Plate Carrier offers a solution.

BulletSafe Tactical Plate Carrier

The new system comes NIJ-certified and is made in America. Designed specifically for BulletSafe vests, the Tactical Plate Carrier delivers lightweight comfort and quality, according to BulletSafe. Compatible with BulletSafe’s 10×12-inch, 7.5-pound Level IV Armored Plates, the Tactical Plate Carrier utilizes front-and-back carrier pockets fitted with top-side hook-and-loop closures.

Because professionals need to be able to wear it all day, the Tactical Plate Carrier sports comfortable, breathable material. The one-size-fits-most design enables a good fit for a wide variety of officers or personnel. It features a 600-denier polyester and neoprene construction. A padded interior, adjustable, non-slip shoulder pads and adjustable, padded waist straps create a versatile system. Meanwhile, a drag handle doubles as a handy carry handle. Of course it provides a life-saving option during an emergency extraction. More hook-and-loop areas and Molle straps round out a system that builds out to professional or personal security and defensive needs.

The Tactical Plate Carrier starts at $79.97. Loaded out with two Level IV Plates, the Tactical Plate Carrier Kit retails for $449.97. For even more info, please visit

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