BoomFab Titane Carrier
The all new BoomFab Titane Carrier.

The Missouri-based company BoomFab believes in delivering cutting edge firearm components, which is where the all new Titane Carrier comes into play.

The BoomFab Titane Carrier is a CNC machined, ultra light weight titanium AR-15 bolt carrier designed for competition use. Its design results in faster shot recovery, increased cycling speeds and minimized muzzle movement.

The Titane Carrier is constructed of high-strength titanium.

Multiple proprietary heat treatings result in an extremely durable carrier with a long service life. BoomFab says it has Titane Carriers with more than 10,000 rounds on them running in professional shooter’s rifles.

Designed with increased carrier bearing surfaces for smooth operation, the Titane Carrier is fully compatible with standard mil-spec AR-15 bolts, cam pins, firing pins and retaining pins.

The Titane Carrier comes standard with a pre-installed mil-spec gas key and staked torx fasteners.

Optionally, the Titane Carrier can also be purchased as a complete bolt carrier group, which includes a mil-spec HP/MP tested C158 steel bolt, firing pin, cam pin and retaining pin.

The Titane Carrier with the pre-installed gas key weighs approximately 4.4 ounces.

BoomFab’s Titane Carrier has a retail price of $479 and is available now.

For more information on the Titane Carrier and other products from BoomFab, please visit

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