Two new families of tactical crossbows have joined the Borkholder Archery lineup just in time for the summer.

The new crossbows from Killer Instinct and Southern Crossbow are built for stealth, speed and customization.

Designed for superior quality and performance, the Killer Instinct KI 1350 crossbow kit comes with scope, bolts and quiver.

The KI 1350 is crafted with a precision CNC extruded and CNC refined aluminum alloy flight barrel that provides smooth, accurate arrow flight. The cams are engineered to produce the maximum arrow speed, while the limbs are compression molded with CML technology. The resulting kinetic energy can take down big game at 60 yards.

There is an option to upgrade the KI 1350’s scope to the Hawke XB1 to take advantage of the available power. The factory scope is great for up to 40 yards, but misses the full potential of the KI 1350.

The KI 1350 retails for $499.99.

Next is the Southern Risen XT crossbow kit, built on the AR platform allowing owners to mount lasers, flashlights, night vision scopes, and other tactical accessories that apply to the AR platform.

The Risen XT includes scope, bolts, quiver, cocking rope and rail lube. Adding an ergonomic grip, laser or flashlight is simple and fun.

The quiet firing, low draw weight and 350 FPS of the Risen XT come with an MSRP of just $499.99.

Both of the tactical crossbows have anti-dry fire safeties in place to keep the hunter and bow in one piece. Rail lube should be applied after every hunt or firing session. Cleaning with a cotton cloth is best and storing in a dry location is recommended.

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