The Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) Gunfighter series gets its input from some of the best shooters on the planet.

That group of shooters includes Travis Haley, founder of Haley Strategic Partners and the inventor of multiple weapons manipulation enhancements in the firearms industry.

BCM’s all new Kinesthetic Angled Grip (KAG) is the direct result of an ongoing collaboration between BCM and Haley.

Designed to complement modern shooting grips, the KAG uses a bio-mechanically efficient forward rake to create an interface for positive retention and joint limitation relief to the wrist, elbow and shoulder allowing for smooth weapons manipulations without substantial increase to the girth of the weapon system.

Textured on both front and back, the profile of the KAG creates a channel for the consistent and positive engagement which translate directly into improved efficiency in weapons manipulation and target to target transitions.

KAGs are manufactured from high quality, impact resistant polymers and available in Black, Wolf Grey, Flat Dark Earth and Foliage Green.

For more information on the KAG and other products from Bravo Company Manufacturing, please visit

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