The following is a release from Bravo Company Manufacturing:

The definitive modular combat rail is now also available in an Aircraft Grade Aluminum alloy. With seven mounting surfaces, the KMR-Alpha is a modular handguard that uses the KeyMod system to attach accessories such as lights, lasers, vertical grips, handstops and more.

Utilizing the same patented (US 8904691) free float barrel nut lock up, the KMR-Alpha uses the identical mounting hardware as the original KMR. This new addition to the KMR family only weighs 6 ounces plus 2.2 ounces for barrel nut and hardware (Note: KMR-A10).

Each KMR-Alpha includes a BCM KeyMod QD Sling Mount and is available in 15″, 13″ and 10″, as well as 9″, 8″ and 7″ sizes.

KeyMod is the industry standard for a repeat zero modular system. KeyMod mates the handguard and the accessory with a chamfered interface that self-aligns for consistent, repeatable mounting. This self-aligning interface is the same basis for the Picatinny 1913 rail system proven in combat by the U.S. Military since 9/11.

The KMR uses a patented lock up system where self-locking cross bolts apply force at the 12:00 position of the handguard equally distributing force around the surface area of the rail. This also insures continuous top center alignment of the rail and mitigates forwards/backwards movement of the handguard when the weapon system is fired.

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Introductory pricing is as follows:

  • KMR-A15, $199.95
  • KMR-A13, $189.95
  • KMR-A10, $179.95
  • KMR-A9, $176.95
  • KMR-A8, $171.95
  • KMR-A7, $171.95

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