Brigand Arms Carbon Fiber Handguards AR-15 lead

Get used to hearing the name Brigand Arms.

Brigand Arms has recently produced a technologically superior lightweight forearm for the AR-15. The handguard is designed around a patented carbon fiber structure, which is what gives the BA system its surprising strength and unmatched lightness.

On top of possessing technological advantages over traditional handguards, the BA system also provides an absolutely unique design, unlike anything else out there today.

Available in lengths of 9 inches (3 ounces), 12 inches (3.5 ounces) and 15 inches (4 ounces), the BA handguard also includes optional rails for attachments.

The handguards range in MSRP from $269 to $399.

For more information on the handguards and other products from Brigand Arms, please visit or call 205.538.0305.

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