Brite-Strike Technologies EPLI flashlight

When it comes to tactical lighting solutions for police, military and civilian operators, Brite-Strike Technologies is the leader of the pack.

New for 2015, the company has released the slim and sleek EPLI (Executive Precision Lighting Instrument).

With a polished stainless steel and brass Bezel, the EPLI is made with the highest quality materials, similar to those used in other tactical lights Brite-Strike builds for law enforcement and military.

The waterproof EPLI is made from high-grade aircraft aluminum with a graphite anodized finish. It uses the latest Cree high power LED light with a high efficiency DC/DC boost electronic circuit for regulated light output and maximum power delivery.

The EPLI comes with high, low and strobe modes where the highest setting can produce up to 160 lumens of brilliant, flawless white light. The flashlight also features a highly polished steel reflector, which is more narrow and deep than other lights ensuring an intense narrow beam of light.

The low 10 lumen setting is ideal for map reading, getting in and out of a treestand or reading notes in a dimly lit meeting room, while the highly disorienting 160 lumen high strobe mode is perfect for distracting an attacker or as a distress beacon.

Powered by two AAA batteries, the EPLI is simple to operate. To turn it on, users can either fully click the tail switch or use the “momentary” feature by pressing the switch halfway to turn it on for a second or two. Repeatedly pressing the button halfway will switch the light from high to low to strobe. If the flashlight is in constant on mode, it will last up to 1.5 hours on high, six hours on low and two hours on strobe.

With an overall length of 5.125 inches, it will fit in a utility belt, pant or a shirt pocket. The clip was designed for easy and quick removal.

The EPLI retails for $80 and is available now.

For more information on the EPLI and other products from Brite-Strike, please visit or call (508) 746-8701.

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