Brownells Glock Armorers Plate

As far as gun parts go, it’s tough to find a better manufacturer than Brownells. The company boasts more than 90,000 gun parts, tools and supplies.

Among that incredibly supply is Brownells’ all new Glock Armorers Plate.

The Armorers Plate is ideal for the professional armorer, military, law enforcement or civilian who maintains a Glock series pistol.

Allow the user to strategically cut to assist the armorer, the Glock Armorers Plate provides an ergonomic hands free work station for pin/part removal and complete disassembly of the firearm.

Mission-specific cuts will hold the frame left and right side down for pin removal and installation. The system comes complete with Brownells’ universal magazine mount and swivel, which enables 360 degree rotation and access for cleaning and repairs.

The Brownells Glock Armorers Plate retails for $160 and is available now.

For more information on the Glock Armorers Plate and other products from Brownells, please visit

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