Iowa-based Brownells is celebrating its 75th anniversary in style with the release of their new 5 and 10-round AR-15 magazines, a .308 magazine for the DPMS pattern, an AR-15/M16 300 AAC Blackout Barrel, the AR-15 bolt/carrier group, and an AR stock extension. Scroll down to watch a video for more information about these new products from Brownells.

Brownells is releasing 5 and 10-round magazines for the AR-15. These magazines were designed to comply with states which have magazine restrictions, so the body of the magazine was shortened and redesigned for a five or 10-round count. These mil-spec magazines have a black polymer waffle extension for easier grip when removing from the mag well. Therefore, the length of these new mags is equivalent to Brownells’ 20-round AR magazine. The new five and 10-round magazines will be available beginning February 2014.

Brownells is also getting ready to release their new DPMS Panther Long Range Steel AR-style magazines for .308 Rifles. These tough, durable magazines are constructed from heat-treated 1050 steel and have a manganese phosphate finish. In addition, the steel floorplate is removable for cleaning purposes, and steel spring and plastic follower allow for smooth feeding. This mag fits with DPMS Panther LR series rifles (.243, .260, .308 cal.), Knight SR-25, Remington R-25 (.308), and Stoner SR-25. It will not fit with the ArmaLite AR-10.

New for 2014, Brownells also has a line of AR-15 barrels available in .223 and .308. They’ve also unveiled their new AR-15 Bolt/Carrier Group, which is manufactured from high-grade 8620 carbon steel. The mil-spec Bolt/Carrier Group comes in a matte black Parkerized finish and fits with a mil-spec AR-15 upper receiver. It also comes with all parts fully assembled.
Last but not least, Brownells is releasing an AR stock extension for shooters who have an extended length of pull. The AR stock extension comes with an adapter for the end of the buffer tube.

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