The BUG Pocket is best described as a vest holster that is permanently affixed to the carrier of the officer’s soft body armor. The backup gun can be discreetly carried and is readily accessible by either hand, and despite the fact that you carry the BUG Pocket on your chest, it is indeed low profile. Both regular (9.5 by 10.5 inches) and small (8.5 by 9.5 inches) sizes are offered.

The BUG Pocket was designed by Sergeant Randy Garcia, an LAPD veteran with over 30 years of experience. Well aware of the shortcomings of other carry systems, Garcia built a better mousetrap: The BUG Pocket has a tab at the top that is pulled down, allowing the officer immediate access to a hidden firearm. The BUG Pocket keeps the weapon secure during vigorous physical activity, such as a foot pursuit or subject control, and is made of quality materials. While the BUG is not designed to afford ballistic protection, it does have a removable Kevlar fragmentation plate that mitigates injury from any incoming rounds that strike the holstered backup gun.

The BUG Pocket is available in blue, black, white or tan and is mounted to the vest by double-stitching the four sides of the pocket to the vest carrier. My regular BUG Pocket secured a Sig Sauer P239, an S&W J-Frame and a Ruger LCP in fine style. If you are content with pocket-sized guns, the small BUG Pocket will do the trick—from under a zipper-front Woolrich Elite shirt, I was able to access my hidden gun in a timely manner. For the fastest possible draw, Garcia advocates removing your buttons and sewing them to the outside of your uniform shirt, then using Velcro to secure it.

With a soft trauma insert in the vest, the hidden handgun lies very flat and is virtually undetectable. The BUG Pocket is suitable for both male and female officers. Best of all, comfort is superior to other backup carry options—you are not burdened in any way while carrying that second handgun. With the BUG Pocket, there simply isn’t any reason for going without an additional layer of defense.

For more information, visit or call 562-756-4239.

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