Bushnell, a manufacturer of high performance sports optics for more than six decades, has announced the addition of new night vision optics for the Equinox Z product line. There are three different versions of these units available: 3x 30mm, 4.5x 40mm and 6x 50mm monocular configurations. Click here to watch a video of the 6x50mm monocular in action.

Each monocular has a number of different features, including a rugged, water-resistant housing and has a 1-3x digital zoom, adjustable IR settings and daytime color viewing. Each unit is powered using AA batteries for additional convenience and cost savings. In addition, the 4.5x40mm and 6x50mm models have image and video capture modes which let the end-user to download still images or videos captured on the device. Moreover, the user can select from three different LCD brightness settings to select the best display intensity for current ambient light conditions.

The viewing distances on the Equinox Z are hard to beat, with a 750 foot range in the 4.5x 40mm and a 1,000 foot range in the 6x50mm monocular. The Equinox Z 4.5x 40mm and 6x 50mm monoculars have estimated retail prices of $349.99 and $399.99, respectively.

To learn more about about the Equinox 3x 30mm monoculars by Bushnell, visit

Specifications: Bushnell 4.5x40mm Night Vision Monocular

-Magnification x Obj Lens: 4.5x40mm
-Tripod Mount: Yes
-Field of View ([email protected]/[email protected]): 28/8
-Infrared Illuminator: Yes
-Weight (oz/gr): 22/623
-Battery Type:AA (4)
-Size (in/mm): 6.5 x 3.9 x 2.4 / 164 x 98 x 62
-Viewing Range (ft/m): 738/225

Specifications: Bushnell 6x 50mm Night Vision Monocular

-Magnification x Obj Lens: 6x50mm
-Tripod Mount: Yes
-Field of View ([email protected]/[email protected]): 20/6
-Infrared Illuminator: Yes
-Weight (oz/gr): 27/765
-Battery Type: AA (4)
-Size (in/mm): 7.85 x 3.9 x 2.5 / 191 x 98 x 64
-Viewing Range (ft/m): 984 / 300

For more information about the Equinox Z line of monoculars and other various sports optics and outdoor technology products offered by Bushnell, please visit

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