Bushnell Equinox Z Binoculars Specials Weapons 2016

Bushnell has been producing high-performance sporting optics for 65 years, and the company recently added two new night-vision binoculars to its Equinox Z product line.

These night-observation binoculars incorporate digital image amplification technology that offers superb optical clarity and a wide field of view at a reasonable cost.

The Equinox Z night-vision binoculars use common AA batteries and include digital zoom, instant image capture, video output and video recording capabilities. These devices offer target identification out to 1,000 feet with an IR illuminator.

Equinox Z units are configured within a robust water-resistant housing and employ quality multi-coated optics. These devices represent a low-cost solution for nocturnal game observation, law enforcement and home security applications.

The binoculars sport adjustable IR settings and, unlike many more expensive traditional night observation devices, still retain the option of daytime color viewing as well.

For more information on theEquinox Z line and other products from Bushnell, please visit bushnell.com or call 800-423-3537.

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