Bushnell Outdoors has added five new flashlights to its Rubicon line of lighting products. Ranging from a compact 152-lumen flashlight to a powerful 1080-lumen flashlight, there are now a total of six Rubicon flashlights suitable for a number of different applications.

The new Rubicon flashlights from Bushnell Outdoors combine top-quality Cree LEDs with the Total Internal Reflective (TIR) optic, which collimates light for better visibility. The LEDs provide consistent illumination throughout the beam. In addition, each Rubicon flashlight is powered by AA batteries, which translates to a lower cost of ownership than CR123-powered lights.

The Rubicon line of flashlights also have a standard light setting and a Red Halo low-lumen mode which enhances sight without sacrificing natural night vision. The T300L, T600L and T1000L models have a locking collar to prevent unintentional battery use, as well as a low setting which decreases brightness by roughly 65 percent, resulting in longer run times.

These adventure-ready flashlights are constructed with tough, durable aircraft-grade aluminum. Each light has been tested for light output, beam distance, impact resistance (at one meter), protection against water penetration and run time. See below for specifications on each model of Rubicon flashlights from Bushnell Outdoors.

-Model: T100L
-Lumens (on Hi): 152
-Setting: Hi/Red Halo
-Run Time: 1.25 hours
-Beam Distance (on Hi): 70 m
-Batteries: 1AA
-Weight: 2.2 oz.
-Price: $29.99

-Model: T200L
-Lumens (on Hi): 236
-Setting: Hi/Red Halo
-Run Time: 2 hours
-Beam Distance (on Hi): 77 m
-Batteries: 2AA
-Weight: 3.2 oz.
-Price: $39.99

-Model: T300L
-Lumens (on Hi): 371
-Setting: Hi/Lo/Red Halo
-Run Time: 2.25 hrs/50 hrs/28 hrs
-Beam Distance (on Hi): 114 m
-Batteries: 4AA
-Weight: 9.8 oz.
-Price: $59.99

-Model: T600L
-Lumens (on Hi): 687
-Setting: Hi/Lo, Hi Red Halo/Lo Red
-Run Time: 7.5 hrs/69 hrs, 33 hrs/61hrs
-Beam Distance (on Hi): 224 m
-Batteries: 6AA
-Weight: 15.1 oz.
-Price: $79.99

-Model: T1000L
-Lumens (on Hi): 1080
-Setting: Hi/Lo, Hi Red Halo/Lo Red
-Run Time: 4 hr/60 hrs 35hrs/61 hrs
-Beam Distance (on Hi): 141 m
-Batteries: 9AA
-Weight: 19.6 oz.
-Price: $99.99

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