Bow hunters looking for an edge would be well advised to check out Bushnell’s The Truth rangefinder featuring ClearShot technology. This aptly named product enables the end user to accurately gauge the trajectory of the arrow before it even leaves the bow.

According to the press release, ClearShot technology provides the hunter with an instant notification letting them know if they can take a completely unobstructed shot. By employing a three-step process, the rangefinder can be calibrated to correspond with the speed of the bow via the sight system.

Once the rangefinder is calibrated and a target is ranged, the reticle displays a line which shows the maximum height the arrow will travel. If the dot intersects with obstacles such as branches, then the hunter knows that the arrow won’t clear the obstruction. If, however, the dot does not intersect with any obstacles, then the hunter knows he or she has a clear path to the target.

This laser rangefinder, which uses Bushnell’s Angle Range Compensation technology, ranges out to 850 yards, with a “shoots-like” distance of 7–199 yards. It also includes four power magnification and a 430 foot field of view at 1,000 yards.

The Truth Laser Rangefinder with ClearShot Technology has a minimum advertised price of $279.99. See below for additional details.

Features: The Truth Laser Rangefinder with ClearShot Technology

  • ClearShot Technology – Instantaneous feedback on your shot clearance
  • ARC – Angle Range Compensation
  • Pocket-size ergonomic design
  • 4x magnification Bow Mode – provides true horizontal distance from 7–199 yards
  • Rainproof
  • Range: 7–850 yards
  • Angle range: -90º to +90º
  • Lightning fast measurements
  • Carrying case, battery and neck strap included
  • Battery life indicator
  • Compatible with magnetic attachment system
  • Anti-slip (non-glossy) sure-grip finish
  • Posi-Thread battery door

Specifications: The Truth Laser Rangefinder with ClearShot Technology

  • Magnification x Obj Lens: 4x 20mm
  • Prism Glass: BaK-4
  • Rain-Guard HD: No
  • Adapt to Tripod: No
  • Rangefinder Range (yds): 7-850
  • Weight (oz/gr): 6.0/170
  • Battery Type: 3-volt CR 123 (incl.)
  • E.S.P.: No
  • Rangefinder Targeting Modes: ClearShot
  • Rangefinder ARC Modes: Bow
  • Reflective Ranging Performance (yds): 850
  • Tree Ranging Performance (yds): 600
  • Deer Ranging Performance (yds): 200
  • Rangefinder Accuracy: +/- 1 Yard

For more information about The Truth Laser Rangefinder with ClearShot Technology, and the full range of products currently offered by Bushnell, please visit

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