New for 2014, Caldwell is introducing the CrossWind Professional Wind Meter. This wind meter was designed for optimum results during ballistic applications. As any shooter knows, knowledge of wind speed enables the shooter to accurately judge shot placement in a variety of wind conditions. The 90° rotating anemometer allows the end user to measure how much CrossWind ail be applied to the bullet’s side without having to move the wind meter or perform angle calculations. This compact and portable wind meter reads current wind speed, average wind speed, max wind gust, temperature, density altitude, altitude and barometric pressure. In addition, it comes with a holster which protects the wind meter and keeps it handy.

An extremely effective tool for indicating wind speed and calculating firing solutions, the Caldwell CrossWind Professional Wind Meter is water resistant, has an LCD backlight, and operates on one CR2032 battery, which is included in the package. Manufacturer suggested retail price for this brand new item is not yet known. See below for additional details.

Features: Caldwell CrossWind Professional Wind Meter
-Wind Speed measurements in: mph, ft/min, km/h, m/s, or knots
-Measures Max Wind Gust, Average Wind Speed and Current Wind Speed
-Anemometer head rotates 90 degrees to calculate the applied crosswind to the projectile
-Also Measures/Calculates: Temp, Station Pressure, Barometric Pressure, Altitude, Density Alt. and Wind Chill
-Features a Data Hold Function
-Water Resistant
-LCD backlight
-Auto power off

Caldwell is a subsidiary of Battenfield Technologies, which also manufactures products under Wheeler Engineering, Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies, Lockdown Vault Accessories, Fajen, PAST Recoil Protection, Miles Gilbert Stockmaking Supplies, Frankford Arsenal and Non-Typical Wildlife Solutions. For more information about the Caldwell CrossWind Professional Wind Meter, please visit

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