Chinook Medical Gear Mass Casualty Active Shooter Kits
Chinook Releases Mass Casualty, Active Shooter Kits

In the event of a mass casualty or active shooter incident, Chinook Medical Gear has released a brand new line of kits.

The line includes three kits:

  • Individual Casualty Medical Trauma Kit
  • Public Access Mass Casualty Kit
  • Public Access Mass Casualty Station

The Mass Casualty and Active Shooter Kits are designed for schools, offices and public buildings, and provide users with the necessary supplies for performing hemorrhage control.

Victims of mass casualty and active shooter events die unnecessarily between the time of wounding and when emergency medical services reach them. With its new line of products, Chinook hopes that uninjured bystanders or minimally injured victims already on the scene can begin lifesaving treatment if provided with proper knowledge and adequate medical supplies for trauma.

Although basic medical training for staff is always recommended, the kits include clear and simple product instructions that can guide a bystander with minimal or no training through patient care and increase that patient’s chance for survival.

When combined with proper training and incorporated into rescue task force planning, Chinook’s Mass Casualty and Active Shooter kits allow bystanders or professional responders to quickly and easily distribute medical supplies on scene without hindering law enforcement operations.

Individual Casualty Medical Trauma Kit
Chinook’s compact Individual Casualty Medical Trauma Kit is a brightly colored, vacuum sealed kit filled with field tested medical supplies for treating severe bleeding, penetrating chest injuries and to help prevent shock-induced hypothermia.

The kit is designed to fit inside Chinook’s Public Access Mass Casualty Kit or be mounted to a belt or vest via Chinook’s TMK-IFAK Pouch.

The individual kit retails for $59.95 and includes the following:

  • (1) Product instructions
  • (1) SWAT-T tourniquet
  • (1) Ventilated chest seal
  • (1) Emergency bandage
  • (1) Compress gauze
  • (1) Emergency blanket
  • (1) Roll of tape
  • (2) Pairs of gloves

Public Access Mass Casualty Kit
The public access kit is ideal for rapid deployment of up to five Individual Casualty Medical Trauma Kits, as well as a litter for patient transport. The side panel provides immediate access to the Individual Casualty Medical Trauma kits without hindering movement.

A large side zipper pocket allows additional advanced supplies to be stored for professional medics. The public access kit was designed to be stowed inside Chinook’s wall mount Mass Casualty Station or pre-located in a designated public safe area.

Public Access Mass Casualty Station
Much like an automatic external defibrillator (AED) heart station, Chinook’s Public Access Mass Casualty Station is a wall mountable cabinet designed specifically to store the Public Access Mass Casualty Kit in a designated public location or safe area.

Easy to identify during an incident, the user can simply open the Public Access Mass Casualty Station and either grab one or two Individual Trauma Kits or take the entire Public Assess Mass Casualty bag with them.

For more information on the line of Mass Casualty and Active Shooter Kits and other products from Chinook Medical Gear, please visit

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