Style may not be something you’d expect from Border Patrol, DEA, ICE and other government and law enforcement agents, but they’re not all dressed in olive drab. Many have grown tired of nylon, Kydex and machine-pressed holsters and gear pouches. They desire a return to the warmth and feel of handworked leather, like what the old Texas Rangers used to wear. The product they have requested most is a belt-slide clip pouch for 20- and 30-round AR magazines, and Chisolm’s Trail of Newnan, Georgia, delivered.

Chisholm’s Trail is a leather-crafting company that focuses mainly on Old West gun leather—many of their customers are in the border states of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Ranchers, law officers and patrollers often find themselves sliding down embankments on horseback, going off-road in four-wheelers or crossing open desert in Jeeps. They’re usually carrying AR-15s, M16s or M4 Carbines for protection.

The Working Lawman AR belt-slide clip pouch is made from 7-8 gauge Wickett & Craig American vegetable-tanned leather. For a perfect fit, each pouch is wet-formed by hand to an AR magazine. Once dry, the pouch is dipped in a vat of oil-based stain for two consecutive days. Finally it is hand-rubbed with saddle finish, inside and out. The pouch has generous 1.75-inch belt openings that fit well, and the no-frills model retails for $89.95—basket-weave or full flower-and-vine tooling are also available. For more information, visit or call 678-423-7351.

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Style may not be something you’d expect from Border Patrol, DEA, ICE and other…