A newer manufacturer of rifles and carbines of the AR15 platform, CMMG has endeavored to provide the most expansive selection of catalogued models in their inventory, and has succeeded, while manufacturing a quality product steeped in military specification production.

cmmg21.jpgThere are several features found in CMMG’s guns that set them apart from others. In addition to quite possibly having the vastest array of configurations available by any one maker, they back these weapons with a lifetime warranty. They are also careful to observe such mil-spec standards as ensuring barrels are parkerized underneath the front sight bases, using 4150 steel in the barrels, mil-spec handguard caps, M4 barrel profiles, and chambering the guns in 5.56mm, which allows them to handle chamber pressures from both the military and .223 ammunition. Other areas of special attention to detail include the fact that barrels and bores are hard chrome plated, feed ramps are anodized with the option of polished feed ramps, bolt carriers have M16-style shrouds to protect against hammer wear, and they magnetic particle test every barrel. Each rifle/carbine includes a hard case, two 30-round magazines, cleaning kit, sling, manual and choice of detachable carry handle or flip-up rear sight. The KISS Carbine is an exception to the latter part of that rule, since the detachable handle and flip-up rear sight are not available on this model.

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A newer manufacturer of rifles and carbines of the AR15 platform, CMMG has endeavored…