When police special tactical units are evaluated by the Department of Homeland Security, the presence or absence of a .50BMG caliber precision rifle is a critical rating factor. While a .50BMG caliber rifle may seem to be overkill in an urban or even rural environment, there are scenarios in both environments when nothing else will do. Subjects barricaded behind barriers that are impervious to smaller caliber firearms can be defeated with a .50 caliber rifle. Situations where terrorists have taken over the cockpit of an airliner can be alleviated only by using a .50 caliber rifle, since the windscreens of commercial jet aircraft are designed to resist impacts much like those of smaller caliber rifle bullets. In facilities where bullet-resistant glass is present, such as banks, only a .50BMG caliber rifle can eliminate threats. Thus, while some might consider a .50BMG rifle unnecessary in law enforcement, the opposite is true. A .50BMG rifle is an essential law enforcement tool.

Photos by Chris RohlingAlthough situations calling for a .50BMG caliber rifle are relatively rare, when a situation occurs where a .50BMG caliber rifle is necessary, it is too late to have a SWAT team precision tactical marksman qualified in the use of the big rifle. Unlike the famous LA Shootout where officers borrowed semi-automatic small caliber rifles from sporting goods stores, .50BMG rifles aren’t very common, even in gun stores. In addition, if a situation arises where a .50BMG rifle is to be employed, the responsible team member must be thoroughly trained and qualified to use it and must maintain his proficiency so that when the worst happens, the .50BMG rifle team can be employed without fear of legal repercussions due to training or proficiency issues.

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