COLT’S LE 6920 is quite simply magnificent, nothing flashy. It just works. That carbine is the closest thing an individual officer can get to the US M4. I felt at the time if you had this — you need nothing else. I still believe that. Apparently, the people at Colt Defense believe you could use the ability to quickly switch out optics, aimers, and light sources in a positive and secure fashion, hence the Colt Advanced Law Enforcement Carbine — LE6940.

colt-1Take the LE6920 and fashion the upper receiver in a single aluminum forging, the top rail going out to the end of where the carbine “handguard” should be. That 12 o’clock rail starts just ahead of the charging handle cut and runs along the receiver top and the top of the free-floated 16-inch barrel.

The flip-up back up iron sight is the mil issue MaTech sight. The rail system is also at 3 and 9 o’clock ahead of the receivers. The rail at 6 o’clock is easily removable to get access to the new barrel nut.

The barrel, in Colt Defense style, has the M4 profile, chrome plated bore and chamber in true 5.56mm NATO and has the currently fashionable 1-in-7-inch rifling twist. There is no front sight tower. Instead a folding front sight assembly with a bayonet lug is present. The barrel steel is mil-spec and the receiver has M4 feed ramps.

If the previous Colt carbine experience was true, then this Colt is a standard bearer. The bolt is magnetic particle inspected, as is the barrel. The shot peened bolt is pressure tested, as is the barrel. The proper extractor spring and black insert are present. The gas key is well staked and won’t be coming loose easily, if at all. The bolt carrier is the M16 format.

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