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Modern military soldiers rely on the Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) to stop arm or leg blood flow due to injury on the battlefield.

Since 2004, the Combat Application Tourniquet has been issued to more than one million military personnel. Its effectiveness as a life-saving instrument for military soldiers on the battlefield has played a significant role in improvement of modern warfare combat injury medical care.

Soldiers now take comfort in the fact that they will go to battle with a proven design combat medical care tool in their possession. They may even elect to carry two or more Combat Application Tourniquets with them in the event of a warfare disaster.

The Combat Application Tourniquet has revolutionized battlefield care for the military user, given its ISR (Institute of Surgical Research) confirmed effective function and its lightweight design, less than half the weight of like products. Soldiers have come to rely on its compact design and ease of storage as they prepare to enter combat.

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