Comfort Holsters has redesigned its models for a thinner fit, making them even easier to conceal and more comfortable than before.

The company said that the “new design comes from customer feedback and [more than] a year of engineering.”

“We’ve developed a thinner gel that’s more comfortable. Our new Comfort Holster is about as thin as a typical hybrid holster now,” the company said in a statement. “This thinner profile is not only more comfortable, it also aids in concealment.”

Comfort Holsters now uses ballistic nylon in the sweat guard in place of Kydex. Ballistic nylon is more comfortable than Kydex because the top edge of a Kydex sweat guard can press into the user’s side. The sweat guard is still sweat-proof thanks to the gel core.

As always, every Comfort Holster has a full wrap around Kydex shell for improved performance in the field. Comfort Holsters does not use a half-Kydex shell like most hybrid holsters because a half-Kydex shell has half the performance of a full Kydex shell.

The full Kydex shell helps improve upon retention, smooth draws and durability.

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