With a name like Comfort Holsters, it’s easy to see what the company’s first concern is when designing its product.

Comfort Holsters has introduced the new Froggy Holster line that follows its trademark design checklist: a gel insert, small footprint, and amazing fit and finish.

The Froggy Holster is constructed with a non-slip outer shell, a low friction inner shell, and the company’s trademark Gel insert. Comfort Holsters uses a lighter Gel/Foam hybrid material on the new model to shave off a few ounces of weight.

The Froggy Holster is a “Zero Clip” design. This means it doesn’t use a belt clip to stabilize your pistol in the user’s waistband. It uses a “High Friction” Non-Slip outer shell that grabs the user’s clothing when they cinch down their belt. This opens up many cant and ride height options.

Its low friction inner shell allows for a smooth draw and greatly cut down on holster wear.

The Froggy Holster has an MSRP of $29.99.

For more information on the Froggy Holster and other products from Comfort Holsters, please visit

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