Command Arms SKBS Stock SWMP April 2015

New from Command Arms Accessories (CAA) is the SKBS Skeletonized Buttstock.

Designed to offer you everything you need and nothing you do not, the lightweight, AR-pattern, collapsible stock is manufactured from tough and durable polymer and is designed to fit on both commercial and mil-spec receiver extensions through the use of an internal compression ring.

The SKBS stock weighs in at a mere 10.88 ounces and features a grooved release latch that is easy to employ.

A contoured and texturized rubber cheekweld area on the upper face of the SKBS stock ensures comfortable and repeatable positioning by the shooter, and a sliding extension pin locking tab can lock it solidly in place to help prevent accidental stock movement. A removable rubber buttpad rounds out the package.

For more information on the SKBS stock, call 866-611-9576 or visit

From Command Arms: Our products are thoroughly tested by elite army units and special law enforcement agencies before production. Our products are composed of top quality materials and manufactured with highest specification techniques.  This allows our products to provide the consumer with the ultimate in arms accessories. Our whole product line is strong, durable and easy to use.

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