Concealed Carry Gun Law Guide
Concealed Carry Gun Law Guide Released For the US

2nd Amendment Media has released a useful guide for citizens across the United States. Legally Armed: A Concealed Carry Gun Law Guide, teaches the basics of concealed carry and the laws associated with it in every state of the U.S. The book includes:

  • What to Consider Before Carrying a Firearm
  • Protection Oneself: Discharging a Firearm in Self-Defense
  • What to do when Interacting with Law Enforcement
  • Gun Handling, Practice and Storage
  • State-by-State quick-reference guide to carry laws where you live and travel.

According to a release:

Any concealed carry permit holder knows the laws for carrying a firearm vary from state to state. This book clears up any confusion associated with interstate travel or relocation. The opening chapters give a general overview or what to consider before obtaining a permit, how to interact with law enforcement when carrying a concealed weapon, gun handling and storage, and traveling with a firearm.

Legally Armed: A Concealed Carry Gun Law Guide is available for $14.95.

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