CorBon Urban Response Pistol Ammo 9mm

CorBon Ammunition is constantly looking to improve the ammo market with new and innovative designs. Queue the company’s all new Urban Response Series 9mm Luger+P 100gr pistol load.

The latest in the Urban Response series carries a velocity of 1475fps with 480ft/lbs of energy.

The distinctive characteristic of this round is a new gilding metal jacket filled with a soft lead core that’s formed into a patented “V” shape. The round is then capped with a distinctive black polymer ball which is crimped and held in place by the jacket. The black ball enhances feeding in auto pistols.

During bullet flight, the black polymer ball disperses air around the bullet making it more aerodynamic than a conventional hollow point, improving down range ballistics.

Upon impact, the black polymer ball delays expansion allowing it to penetrate several inches before it is pushed out of the way exposing the lead “V” shape cavity, causing the bullet to fully expand properly.

An added benefit of the black polymer ball is that it protects the integrity of the bullet by not allowing clothing or other material to plug up the cavity causing it to fail to expand. It’s paired with CorBon’s new nickel coated case that is specifically engineered for critical components.

Dutca Bright 7a coating won’t tarnish or flake like other nickel coatings and offers improved visibility for low-light chamber checks and enhanced feeding in all actions.

Sold in 50 round boxes, the suggested retail is $45.95.

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