Revolvers, especially to those new to carrying on a daily basis, are the easiest type of firearm to learn to shoot.

On the range, center-mass hits at 15 yards and in are common with a modest amount of practice. Now take that same revolver into a close-quarters attack scenario. Lining up the rear sight with the front sight and aiming at an advancing or moving target, and still hitting center-mass, becomes a totally different proposition. The stress of being under attack, perhaps in low-light conditions, fearing for your life and the lives of loved ones, can wreak havoc on shooting accuracy, especially when firing your revolver in double-action mode.

Improving your overall revolver accuracy can be accomplished by paying for many hundreds of dollars’ worth of professional training and costly ammunition or spending countless hours at the range burning up ammo. There are also some effective dry-fire training devices on the market today incorporating laser cartridges and high-tech targets that let you know whether or not you’ve scored hits or not.

Then there’s the red-dot solution, and here is where the “five minutes to better accuracy” comes into play. It took me five minutes to install a set of Crimson Trace LG-375 Lasergrips onto my Taurus 617 revolver. Five minutes. LG-375s are built for the Taurus Judge platform, but they also work on the Taurus Tracker and my 2-inch-barreled Model 617 chambered in .357 Mag.


All you’ll need for the five-minute Lasergrips install is a clear and well-lit working area and a small screwdriver.

Make sure the weapon is unloaded. Remove the factory grip panels. Next, insert the battery per the instructions. Align the left panel to the gun’s frame and then align the right panel. Tighten the panels down using the supplied grip screws.

To activate the Lasergrips, simply trip the master on/off switch at the base of the grips. While aiming the unloaded gun in a safe direction, squeeze the grip. Your middle finger will activate the laser. Confirm that the laser and iron sights are in alignment.

All Crimson Trace grips are shipped with a factory “zero” at 50 feet. Make any necessary adjustments at the range using the provided tools. Your Lasergrips owner’s manual makes the process very easy. Chances are good that your weapon will be ready to go right out of the box.

The Crimson Trace LG-375 Lasergrips that I put on my Taurus have worked as advertised. A 30-minute session at the range not only improved my accuracy to give me 1.5-inch, off-hand groups at 15 yards in double-action mode, but they’ve given me a major confidence boost. When I see that dot on my target, I know that when I squeeze the trigger—no matter what shooting position I’m in—my bullet will hit close to where the laser dot is illuminating.

For more information on the Lasergrips, visit or call 800-442-2406.

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