Crimson Trace LG-350G laser system Special Weapons 2016
Crimson Trace’s LG-350G laser unit for S&W J-Frame revolvers gives shooters a recoil-absorbing grip with an integrated green laser.

Say that you are down to your last-ditch defense weapon, namely your trusty Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolver. At this point, you cannot miss, as it could mean the difference between life and death. Enter the new LG-350G, a green laser Lasergrips system from your friends at Crimson Trace.

What is unique about the new LG-350G for S&W’s round-butt J-Frame revolvers is its unique dual-surface design. Featuring the company’s new Shock-Stop System, these soft rubber panels on the front and rear segments of the grip increase the shooter’s in-the-hand comfort while enhancing control and reducing felt recoil.

The Lasergrips’ middle section is more rigid to enhance stability, and the interior has specially designed recoil-absorbing chambers that run up the inner spine of the grip. An instinctive activation front pad, a master on/off switch, and user-adjustable windage and elevation features round out the Crimson Trace LG-350G package.

The new LG-350G Green Laser Lasergrip retails for $399, while a version with a red laser has a suggested retail price of $319.

For more information on the LG-350G and other products from Crimson Trace, please visit or call 800-442-2406.

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