The LG-412 Laserguard from Crimson Trace, engineered in conjunction with Ruger for as a perfect fit to their hot new LC9, will be available July 1 through the company’s normal distribution channels at $209.

The new LG-412 was subjected to a particularly arduous series of tests, due to the unique characteristics of Ruger’s compact and powerful design. “The combination of lightweight polymer frame and full power 9mm loads generate a lot of G-force,” said Michael Caulk, Director of Engineering for Crimson Trace. “As a result, we put the new laserguard through some very stringent testing to make sure it met the high standards Crimson Trace is known for.” The LG-412 fits seamlessly to the Ruger’s trigger guard and dust cover, resulting in a unit that adds nothing to the width of the pistol. “One of our design parameters was to make a sight that would keep the pistol as sleek as possible concealed carry,” said Caulk. “I know we’ve achieved that goal.”

The LG-412 features an industry-leading 4 hour continuous run time on one 1/3N battery and is pre-zeroed from the factory at 50’. Windage and elevation adjustments may be fine tuned by the user for different loads. Crimson Trace has been working with major holster manufacturers to ensure their consumers have carry options for laser-equipped LC9s and these holsters will be available from either the holster maker or Crimson Trace at the time of the LG-412 launch. Crimson Trace | Laser Sight Grips for Guns Crimson Trace makes the only laser sight mounted in the gun grip giving you the decisive advantage in a potentially lethal situation.

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The LG-412 Laserguard from Crimson Trace, engineered in conjunction with Ruger for as a…