Crimson Trace LG-443 Red Laser Sight Glock 42
Crimson Trace's LG-443 Red Laser Sight For Glock 42 & 43

When it comes to laser sighting systems, Crimson Trace is usually the first name to come to mind, and rightfully so.

The company is now offering new Glock compatible laser sight products, including the recently released LG-443 with a red laser diode for the compact Glock 42 pistol.

The LG-443 (red) laser sight also serves double duty by fitting onto Glock’s newer Model 43 pistols.

Even better news is that the new LG-443G (green) Laserguard will soon be shipping to dealers across America and also fits onto the same Glock pistols.

For Glock owners seeking green laser sights, Crimson Trace also offers the Lasergrips LG-639G and the Laserguard LG-452 that fits numerous Gen 4 and Third Generation Glock pistol models.

Many of those Glock owners will also discover that Crimson Trace’s Lightguard LTG-736 with a 100-lumen LED bright white light provides the ability to light up a dark night while also being compatible on the pistol with nearly another dozen Crimson Trace laser sight systems. The dual system of light-and-laser is popular with many gun owners who carry for personal protection.

For more information on the LG-443 and other products from Crimson Trace, please visit

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