The green laser is easier to see, especially in conditions with more light. It was quick to adjust and did not falter during hard use. The white light is also compact, very bright, and easy to operate. The controls truly put you, the operator in complete control and are completely ambi.

Lasers are certainly not new, especially in the tactical market, and gone are the days where the point of aim changed every time you used your weapon. Most lasers, especially those manufactured by the leaders in the industry, are reliable and accurate. The primary question —are they of value— is a different story, and practical experience since the introduction of these devices has placed me squarely on the skeptical side. So, when this new laser crossed my path the skeptic in me took a long look at it.

The MVF-515 Green is a combination foregrip/white light/green laser. It is compact and well built. Constructed of a combination of 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum Hard Adonized Tang and polymer, it is strong, light and powered by two CR123 Lithium batteries. The activation switches are separate and ambidextrous, providing a ton of versatility. Both the laser and light functions are programmable for momentary, strobe, and constant-on, with a master on/off switch. The MVF-515 mounts easily and it can be accomplished without tools.

The vast majority of training was done at 15 yards and in, mostly closer, in a shoot-house. These controls are easy to find but require effort to operate. That is how it should be, on or off when you want them, and never when you do not.

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The green laser is easier to see, especially in conditions with more light. It…